Thursday, November 1, 2012

Let’s give this yet another try…

Someone recommend me some good crap to follow on here. Maybe that’ll hold my interest in this again…

Thursday, July 5, 2012

I know I’m probably the only one whoever liked these guys, but I don’t care. I saw them a long time ago with… P.O.D. (lol…) and…Linkin Park I think. Way back in the day. Either way. I still like this song/band/fuck you.

Adema- Giving In

EDIT: CHEVELLE! Not Linkin Park. Fucking Chevelle was the other band. I loved those guys so hard.

Carry on.


all of you. recommend me some shit to follow on here, because I follow what feels like a whole 10 blogs/tumblrs/whatever and my newsfeed (?) is lame and boring. so yeah. get on that. hookers.

Scratch the last video, we’ll go with this one. 

Deftones- Lhabia

Deftones- My Own Summer

I hate thinking of titles.

So to hell with that. But anyways, I’ve decided I’m going to start working out and using the free psuedo-gym in my apartment complex. First time…if not ever, then in years upon years. I’ve never been one for exercise. Not even when I was a kid and playing hockey and soccer, I just counted that as my exercise. Granted, when you’re 10 years old, who really cares?

Anyways. I’m also quitting smoking. Again. I quit last summer for like…nine months or something, then I relapsed a couple months ago because, well, I felt like it, I guess. Almost through day one, but I’m hardly worried about it. I know I can quit now, as opposed to all the other times I was kind of hoping I could do it when I didn’t really want to quit; I just felt as if I should because it was the right thing to do. Or something. I’m slightly less than sober and rambling, but that’s irrelevant.

Ummm. Gym. Exercise. Aside from the obvious reasons and benefits of it, one of the biggest ones is that you allegedly obtain a better outlook on life and whatnot. I could use that. That’d be good. Not that I’m trying to turn into some sort of super-optimist or anything (ew), but a little less resentful of…well, everything, that’d be good.

In other news, tomorrow there’s a thing on Breaking Bad’s reddit entitled “The Event”. What it’s about is beyond me, as it’s been kept a secret, but I assume it’ll be worth checking out. Probably just a bunch of AMAs and whatnot, but meh. Sidenote: I hate when people misuse apostrophes. Example: the acronym up there (AMA), just because it’s plural does not mean you throw in an apostrophe. Quite the opposite. It’s like some people are all “oh shit, here comes an S, better get an apostrophe ready!”

No more grammar nazi. Sorry. (I’m not)

I think I’m done now, internet. Tell me stories or something.

Thrice- All That’s Left

I still like them. Sue me.

Monday, July 2, 2012
I was at home watching TV. It was some, some nature program about elephants. And Skyler and Holly were in another room. I could hear them on the baby monitor. She was singing a lullaby. If I had just lived right up to that moment, and not one second more… That would have been perfect. Walt, Breaking Bad (via executionbyelephant)

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Breaking Bad S5 Ep 01 First 90 seconds. (by Anonstar666)

This weekend is going to be less than ideal.

This weekend is going to be less than ideal.